Ad Creative Project Manager

Rocket Conversions

Job Description

Hey Creative People,

We’re Rocket Conversions, a digital advertising growth team šŸš€.

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We help grow businesses through digital advertising, and a big part of that is through world-class ad creatives.

We’re seeking an expert-level ad creative project manager with a strong work ethic to board this rocketship, manage our ad creative system, and come on a journey of personal & professional growth with us.

šŸš€ What You Will Be Doing:

  1. Coming up with ad creative concepts for Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, and other ad platforms that show a thorough understanding of the audience and project strategy.
  2. Coming up with and writing advertising briefs for video editors and graphic designers.
  3. Coming up with and writing content briefs for content creators.
  4. Coming up with video and photoshoot concepts for ad campaigns.
  5. Organizing and managing video and photoshoots, outsourcing, and working closely with creators, videographers, and photographers.
  6. Working in Sprints with our Growth Strategist and Designers to plan, execute, demonstrate, and analyze ad creatives.
  7. Organizing and leading Creative Planning sessions.
  8. Managing and organizing Rocket’s Creative Operations – working closely with our Mission Control Chief, Growth Strategist, Designers, Creators, and Influencers.
  9. Setting up deadlines and timelines for each of the briefs, doing ad creative quality assurance, and giving feedback for revisions.
  10. Organizing, maintaining, and overseeing creative standards and guidelines.
  11. Liaising directly with the clients about content requirements.
  12. Staying on top of trends on all the social platforms, and conducting market research to understand the best ad creatives in the market.
  13. Working with the Growth Strategist on our Growth Rocket Audit & Strategy service.
  14. Managing several client projects.
  15. Take a proactive approach to finding & testing new A.I creative tools, tactics, & strategies to level up our Creative Operations capabilities.
  16. Upgrading our internal creative operations and processes, creating new structures and SOPs.
  17. Manage creative projects with a high level of project management skills.
  18. Participating in our team training. Continually upskilling, taking courses (paid for by Rocket) on things like designing for conversions, direct response copywriting, persuasion principles, conversion optimization, and digital marketing.

šŸš€ About You:

āœ… You have 2+ years of experience in a similar role.

āœ… You are a great project manager with ad creative experience and skills.

āœ… You are organized & can meet deadlines reliably.

āœ… You are detail-oriented while balancing efficiency with creativity.

āœ… Proven skills in the area of direct response advertising & eCommerce.

āœ… Understanding of sales copywriting principles like AIDA, 4Pā€™s etc.

āœ… You love doing audience and market research to leverage this info into action in your projects.

āœ… You are great at expressing your thoughts in written form.

āœ… Experience using After Effects, Figma, Photoshop, and similar photo & video editing software is a bonus.

āœ… Experience in paid media buying is a major bonus.

āœ… Experience in managing designers and creators is a major bonus.

āœ… You have experience in writing video outlines for social media ads.

āœ… You know the requirements for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other placements.

āœ… You are a driven, proactive individual interested in self-improvement, reading books, consuming content, and aiming to become the better version of yourself.

āœ… You are committed to being the best version of yourself and being a real team player.

āœ… You are honest.

āœ… You continually learn, & love talking about & sharing your knowledge of consumer psychology, and creative best practices.

āœ… You love your craft, social media, following the best advertisers to see what they’re doing, and you stay on top of trends.

šŸš€ What We’re Offering:

  1. Fully Remote Role
  2. High Level Of Flexibility
  3. Paid Co-Working
  4. Constant Investment In Your Learning Pathway
  5. Personalized Career Growth Pathway
  6. Unlimited Opportunities For Growth (Professional & Financial) through profit sharing.
  7. You get to do all the creative stuff you love:
    1. You get to nerd out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ad creative trends.
    2. You get to try all the latest A.I tools to come up with ideas and generate ad copy and visuals. One of the most fascinating parts of this role is our A.I tool testing system.
    3. You’ll get to work on a variety of interesting and challenging projects for different businesses all over the world & in all types of industries.
  8. You’ll work with a hyper-focused and efficient team that supports you.
  9. You’ll get limitless opportunities to grow, and you get maximum investment in your training & continual development/upskilling.
  10. You’ll get to work in a culture of excellence, you’ll get to use our world-class systems, and you’ll do world-class learning.

*Please note we do not hire junior or inexperienced people.

šŸš€ Please Only Apply If:

  1. You have 2+ years of experience in a similar role.
  2. You can show examples of your work.
  3. You can share references for us to speak to.
  4. You are very confident and can demonstrate your knowledge and technical skills for ad creatives, project management, and communication.
  5. The best creative operators follow and learn from the best sources. You can show which newsletters, websites, blogs, Youtube channels etc you follow to improve your knowledge.

If this seems like something you’d like to explore further, or chat with us about, submit your details in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours if it looks like we’d be a good fit for each other.