Sr. UI Artist

Job Description

The UI Artist will set a high bar for design, usability and visual aesthetic in User Interface for all projects. In each area you work on, you will be responsible for developing highly usable game experience and information design. Developing and implementing layouts will also be key to this role. You will also create purely visual elements, skinning existing layouts and icon creation. 

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • Work independently and with the team to create UI layouts and assets that define the UX flow  for our player within Game constraints 
  • Ensure quality control in UI assets created for our games, documenting UX flow guidelines and best practices 
  • Guide and mentor other artists 
  • Create, implement, and maintain graphic designs for menus, UIs and screens, and art assets like  icons  
  • Ensure assets are end user ready by testing functionality and fixing bugs 
  • Ensure quality control in UI assets created for our games, documenting UX flow guidelines and  best practices 
  • Maintain current and working knowledge of trends and best practices in UI/UX for AAA mobile  games 
  • Maintain communication with peers in all departments 
  • Partner with Art Director to drive best practices for UI  
  • Exemplify reliability, accountability, and professionalism in all work-related interaction
  • Lead by example, creating a strong sense of purpose and community, promoting a culture of  excellence  

Skills and abilities:

  • Strong illustration skills with an ability to work in multiple styles 
  • Proficient in Adobe Suite 
  • Strong understanding of UI/UX flow and functional design 
  • Ability to visualize and present UX in an interactive format 
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative, quickly evolving team environment 
  • Excellent communication skills  
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and be self-directed to meet deadlines 
  • Positive attitude and ability to receive and provide objective and constructive feedback 

Education and Experience

  • 3 years’ experience with Unity 
  • Experience as a vector artist in graphic design or user interface design 
  • Experience creating UI/UX animation and FX 
  • Proficiency in AfterEffects or toolsets that reinforce pre-vis 
  • Solid background in traditional arts, sketching and/or illustration
  • B. A. in Graphic Design or comparable training and education 
  • Experience creating wire frames  

At Netflix, we carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors to determine your personal top of market. We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job family, background, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary and will also be dependent on your location. 

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typically $50,000 – $600,000

This market range is based on total compensation (vs. only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy. Netflix is a unique culture and environment. Learn more here.