Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Job Description

Join one of Apollo’s product engineering teams, Team Astro, to work on the core components of our business: our accounts & permissions systems, billing system, onboarding, and more. You’ll be working across the stack, from bringing designs to life to modeling the evolution of our system’s core data models. You care deeply about end-user experience and are excited to contribute to building tools that you, as a developer, can have a voice in guiding the direction of.

What you’ll do

  • Help design and build core business features like an API audit log, user permissions system, and more. The team will be tackling a project to re-architect how graph namespacing works in Apollo Studio later this year.
  • Work in our tech stack spanning from React through GraphQL, TypeScript, Kotlin, and Postgres.
  • Design SQL table migrations to accommodate new features.
  • Work closely with product managers and designers to define product experiences and represent the engineering voice in product development.
  • Use new Apollo prototypes before anyone else and help us hone our “developers building for developers” experiences.

Who you are

  • You’ve worked on a full-stack app before and are familiar with the paradigms of API design and how servers and clients communicate.
  • You’re excited about GraphQL and modern developer tooling, and are interested in helping push the industry forward.
  • You are comfortable working across the stack and enjoy the breadth of work that comes from contributing to frontend code to thinking about systems design.
  • You’re excited to bring your own creativity and vision to the problems Apollo is solving for the developer community.
  • The idea of sharing your work broadly, both internally and externally, is exciting to you.
  • You’re looking forward to working with a distributed team.
  • You like learning and proactively keep up with new developer trends through reading books, watching videos, taking classes, or something similar.

This position can be done from anywhere in the US and Canada.

Apollo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a talented and diverse workforce.

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