Job Description

At GMR, we create experiences that people remember. We’re looking for a brilliant writer to help make that happen.

As a Senior Copywriter at GMR, you’ll work with some of the world’s biggest brands. You’ll never do the exact same project twice. You’ll learn and grow at lightning speed. You’ll collaborate with fellow dreamers, doers, strategists and StoryMakers. Yes, you’ll write some traditional ads, but you’ll also see your ideas come to life on huge stages and small screens across the globe.

Your responsibilities include the following:

  • Write copy for sales presentations, live events, print ads, websites, VR, sweepstakes, social media posts, video scripts, white papers, and whatever else comes your way
  • Work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment with creative directors, art directors, designers, strategists and account leads
  • Think strategically, participate in brainstorms and develop concepts
  • Craft short and long-form copy

A portfolio or writing samples are required to be considered for the role.


We are the Experience Agency Making Unforgettable Stories Born of Humanity 


The lines have blurred. People live in the physical, digital, and social worlds all at once, and your brand experiences should do the same. 


The best stories are lived, not heard. Make an immersive world for people to explore so they can experience something they’ll never forget. 


It all starts with the human. If you want to make a lasting impact, look beyond the wallet to understand what motivates and inspires people. 


  • Clear thinking. You should be able to express complex ideas in clear, concise English.
  • A compelling voice. You’ve got a technical writer’s grasp of process but a creative writer’s command of rhythm and tone. You put your unique spin on things and make people say, “I wish I’d come up with that.”
  • Storytelling. You don’t just clarify. You make people believe.
  • Humor. You can craft a joke and make an unexpected juxtaposition. You’ve got a knack for snappy headlines.
  • Range. You can adapt to a wide variety of products and audiences.
  • Cultural connectivity. You’re plugged in. You know what’s happening in pop culture, internet culture, food, fashion, or whatever you’re passionate about. You value authenticity and stay curious about worlds outside your own.
  • Optimism and flexibility. You can take feedback, adapt to new processes, and change course without getting flustered. Revisions are part of the job.
  • Professionalism. You’re organized, punctual, and resourceful. You honor your commitments and meet your deadlines.
  • A collaborative spirit. You enjoy working with a team to bring ideas to life.

We seek a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives so we can create memories that matter for everyone. 
We strive for equity by meeting people where they are, eliminating barriers, and building on their unique talents so we can maximize everyone’s contribution. We seek to recognize, grow and unleash the perspective and possibility of each individual on our team.